Tips + Tricks

(because we want you to have the best results from The Tan Tech!)

Step 1:


Pick gradual, express, or violet! Next, add an additive if desired from our options. On the day of, we can always make any adjustments if needed to your booking.

Tip: For gradual tans, we recommend evening appointments to allow for you to go to bed with loose clothes (no bra’s, sneakers, any garments that will rub) + shower in the morning. For express, depending on level of darkness preferred (1-4 hours, and then rinse).

Step 2:


Prep for your tan! For the best results + to ensure your skin is in a calm state, as well as your pores are closed, it’s best to shower at a minimum of 4 hours before your tan.

Skip any serums, moisturizers (unless they are oil free!) deodorants, makeup, or anything that can create a barrier between the solution & your skin. Gently exfoliate your knees, ankles, elbows, hands, and any dry areas with an oil-free wash 24 hours before! If you shave, it is best to do so during this time + not post tan.

The week leading up to the airbrushing session, refrain from Dove, Olay, and any non-organic harsh soaps. They will cause streaking post tan, and throw off ph balances.

Step 3:


Get your glow on! Once we arrive, direct us to a room with no carpeting + all we need is an outlet! We pop up a tent, bring our fan + provide black towels for you to step out.

We provide:

  • Sticky feet, hair protection, & pasties!
  • Disposable underwear
  • Prep lotion

We give easy instruction for simple poses + direct you the entire way!

Step 4:


Post tan care is as important as prep care! Before your first shower + tan development completition time- avoid excess sweating, rigorous activity, tight clothes + rubbing. For your first shower after your tan do not scrub or exfoliate. Think light shower, warm rinse. Allow the bronzer to run off your body until the water is clear. Apply lots of lotion post shower to ensure lasting results.

Want to get a spray tan?

Call or Text if you need additional hours, or have any questions regarding bookings!

We do our ABSOLUTE best to accommodate the date/specific time you enter, however please note we may have to vary time slots by an hour or so (due to travel purposes, last minute scheduling, etc.). Thank you for your understanding!

Want to know if there is tanning near me? Any travel outside of 20 minutes, is then subject to a travel fee charge based off location.

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