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Tan Care

How do I prep for my tan?

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  1. Get all your regular waxing, shaving, & nail services completed 24 hours prior to your tan.
  2. Shower at a minimum of 4 hours before, so you have closed pores.
  3. Do not exfoliate with any oil based products prior. Skip Dove, Olay, etc. 7 days before your custom airbrushing. These products cause streaks. Use only an organic non oil based soap a week prior.
  4. Do not wear any type of lotion, serum, deodorant, or scented barrier prior to booking.
  5. Remove all jewelry prior to service.

What do I do post tan?

Click on our Tan Tips tab for more information.

Shower as instructed by The Tan Tech, warm water & do not exfoliate or rub the tan. Try to avoid shaving a full 24 hours post tan, as shaving is a natural exfoliant.

Apply oil-free lotion generously, and do not wear any tight clothes, bra straps, etc. before your first post-tan shower.

Do not go in a jacuzzi!

Want to get a spray tan?

Call or Text if you need additional hours, or have any questions regarding bookings!

We do our ABSOLUTE best to accommodate the date/specific time you enter, however please note we may have to vary time slots by an hour or so (due to travel purposes, last minute scheduling, etc.). Thank you for your understanding!

Want to know if there is tanning near me? Any travel outside of 20 minutes, is then subject to a travel fee charge based off location.

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